Fundamentals of Growth

In every business, growth is paramount. It is no secret that only 1 in 10 companies succeed while the majority never really gain real traction or reach their true potential. Todd delivers a diverse and broad experience and directs growth strategies that have endured time. Todd helps companies meet their business potential and brings the power of proven formulas.

Performance Improvement

Todd is the top consulting resource for companies that are dedicated to a partnership that will maximize and sustain their full potential. Our clients realize better than industry average, results yielding compounding returns on consulting fees. This makes Todd and his team at TOD an investment perfect for startups.

Information Technology

Technology should propel a business strategy like a rocket engine, not constrain it! TOD understands the technology to support your goals and will generate a map to success. Our client companies are no longer are in a fog of tech decisions because we make certain their operations are optimized & sustainable.

Business Unit Strategy

Businesses need strategy! Too many local businesses count on “word-of-mouth” and never realize that the real potential if their business. We generate plans for when and where and how to go to market, and most importantly, how to beat your competition.

So while others have experience in limited markets and limited platforms, you can rely on Todd’s experience of delivering both internationally and locally, for clients large and small, year after year and project after project. Here at ROM, online markets are the place we live, work, eat, and sleep!

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