Small Mistakes in Web Design That Can Ruin Your Small Business

A unique website isn’t only an option anymore. Having a poor website leads to loss of customers. Unfortunately, this occurs with an absolutely alarming frequency. Many small business owners build their own websites to save money and have more control over the project.

Web design, at its essence, is a form of art. And like art, web design looks to give its viewers an experience. Web design combines a good form and function in a way that makes a website enjoyable, navigable, engaging, and usable. To do this, there are some specific spoken and unspoken “rules” web designers must follow.

Don’t be that website. As experienced Website Design Palm Springs, we can say that these are the most common web design mistakes small business owners often make.

1. Too Much Going On

Portray pertinent business information right away through your website. Visitors who don’t understand what your website is about within a few seconds of arriving on your site will leave instantly. While that’s important to consider, it mostly leads to small business owners to cram too much. Also,  a crowded and unresponsive website is not really a good thing.

2. Too Little Going On

Websites with next to nothing on their pages are on the end of a spectrum. Minimalism in design is a huge go-to trend right now, and it works when done correctly. Some small business websites are cryptic and leave too much to the imagination. That’s another big mistake.

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